Sunday, 22 February 2009

Literature Review - BBC comedy

This page in particular of the comedy section was for both helping me to understand on a more personal note how it is to be an animator in Britain and also to read Nick Mackie's views on animation. His works have been so far, of the comedy genre.

The interview mainly focuses on Mackie's career as an animator rather than focusing on the actual comedy aspect of his work. He was asked; "Is creating comedy harder to do with animation?". Here he merely states that animation is the hardest form of film making in general and that the comedy gag may lose it's original spark, due to the long production process of animation.

Being quite short I didn't really get the best information I could from the link with regards to the essay. However, i did find some of his comments useful.

This link follows an interview with Daniel Peak a comedy writer for sitcoms. This page was useful similarly to the previous, reading the point of view of a professional.

The ideas put across by Peak include spontaneous thoughts written down on paper. He proposes a theory similar to Sigmund Freud's "Automatic Writing" exercise, where by writing all jokes, gags, thoughts onto paper as soon as they pop up in your head.

This proved to be slightly more useful than the Nick Mackie article, but is just as short. A few interesting quotes may be used however from both articles, to help with the essay.

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