Sunday, 8 February 2009

Television Review - Tom and Jerry: The Cat Concerto

Tom and Jerry are the most well known cat and mouse duo in animation. As there are over 100 different episodes of Tom and Jerry there are always different scenarios and situations. However, the majority of the time the main idea is the never-ending rivalry between the two.

The comedy from the cartoon is usually derived from the comedic violence dished out on one another. None of the characters are seriously injured which allows the violence to be humorous.

In this particular episode, Tom is performing a concert playing "Hungarian Rhapsody No.2" on the piano, Jerry just happens to be sleeping inside of the piano and the conflict begins. The music is played continously throughout the cartoon even when Toms hands have been damaged by Jerry's Shinanigans. At one point Tom looks inside the piano with his upper body whilst he continues playing with his toes. Jerry also has his fair share of punishment in the episode and is knocked around by the inside of the piano. In the end, Jerry breaks off two sticks from within the piano and plays the tune extemely fast. Tom not wanting to lose face attempts to follow along but becmoes exhausted at the end with Jerry taking credit for his work.

It could be argued that Tom and Jerry have influenced everything within the slapstick comedy genre. Their most recent and noticeable influence is the cartoon cat and mouse duo from "The Simpsons", "Itchy and Scratchy". The mini cartoon is a parody of Tom and Jerry but with a much more violent and gory nature. Even the intro image of the show mimics that of Tom and Jerry.

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