Sunday, 8 February 2009

Television Review - Family guy: Don't Make Me Over

Family guy is an animated sitcom created by Seth MacFarlane. The story follows the semi-dysfunctional family who are drawn into ridiculous situations. The series is well known for their random "cutaway gags" which is where I'm sure the popularity lies.

In this episode of Family Guy, the daughter of the family "Meg Griffin" is distraught about being unattractive. Making fun of Meg's character is an occurring joke in the series. After witnessing two people committing suicide from looking at Meg, mother "Lois" decides to give her daughter a makeover. Now treated differently because of her new looks her personality changes with her new found fame. The episode is resolved once Meg is taken advantage of, thus angering father "Peter Griffin" leading him to beat the person responsible.

Parodies from this episodes famous "cutaway gags" include: Neil Armstrong walking on the moon was fake, The Wizard of Oz where the tinman is a homosexual and former president George W. Bush Jr, acting extremely child-like. I think that the cultural references to things that the public are familiar and poking fun at them is one of the keys to family guys success.

Family guy has been described as a rip-off of 20th Century Fox's other television series, "The Simpsons". The family members are exactly the same in numbers with the addition of "Brian" a talking dog. An episode of The simpsons actaully displays an image of main character Peter in a book with "Plagerism" written beside it.

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